Hello there! I am an interaction design master student based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I love creating rich experiences, building things, and telling stories.







People-loving designer

When designing technology, I love simple solutions. The projects that I am most proud over combine an elegant, straightforward solution with a rich overall experience full of hidden aspects.

My background in cognitive science ensures that I am always working from a human-centered perspective. I thoroughly enjoy exploratory research, co-design workshops and discovering new points-of-view.

Education enthusiast

There are few things that I am as passionate about as science education, for kids and adults alike. It is my firm belief that access to knowledge is a fundamental democratic right. One of our most important tasks for the years ahead is to make sure it is available to all.

I am currently volunteering with the non-profit organization Kodcentrum for this exact reason, where we introduce children to the basic workings of programming. You can also find me at the science center Universeum during the weekends, where my part-time job as a guide allows me to introduce visitors to wonders that span from deep-sea creatures to the end of the observable universe.

Part-time film producer

During the past few years, I have hade the pleasure to co-lead multiple film productions, both shorts and feature-length projects. I am constantly looking for new ways to work with creative storytelling and am particularly interested in innovative hybrid projects.

For more information about the productions I have been part of, check out the production company Mantelpiece.